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The X-Files Shipper-Con 2008 Fraught With Unruhe (Unrest)

The normally peaceful all-things-X-Files convention Shipper-Con was rocked this past weekend by controversy and destruction, as a barrage of statements from series creator Chris Carter and subsequent rioting by the paying attendees nearly resulted in Vancouver being placed under martial law.


Carter stated unequivocally that he believes the show went “off the rails” when they decided to hook the main characters up.  He blamed this, surprisingly, on the fans.


“Why anyone would want to see Mulder and Scully together romantically is beyond me,” Carter said to the packed auditorium.  “I mean, what’s wrong with you people?  Mulder is a single minded, paranoid, porn lover.  You think that’s appealing in a man?  Plus, during the course of the series nearly all of Scully’s family died because of this guy.  Is that endearing?  You fans, you wanted to see this happen, and David thought he was going to be a movie star or something and leave, so we sold out.  I sold the premise of the show right down the damn river.  Thanks a lot, fans.  Great work.” Continue reading


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Man, I’ve Got to Fall Asleep

Shit.  This is ridiculous.  I’ve been laying here for an hour.  I’ve got to fall asleep.  I’m exhausted!  How the hell is it that I’m not asleep?  I’m wide awake!  This is bullshit.

“And crazy learner’s permit girl gave me a ride to Babbage’s.”

Aw Christ, and now I’ve got that stuck in my head.  Great.  I can’t fall asleep and this damn cartoon song is running through my head.  Fantastic.  I’m fucked.  No way I’m going to work tomorrow.  But I can’t not go in.  But I’m worthless if I don’t get some sleep.  Maybe I should take some pills.  Maybe I should take some Nyquil.  Sarah’s still got some of that Tylenol PM, that shit knocked me the hell out last time.  She still has that, right?  Did it expire?  I don’t think so.  But if I get up, it’ll be that much longer before I fall asleep. Continue reading


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