About the Author

Joe Cetta was born in Scranton, PA, and stayed there nigh on three decades before relocating to Chicago, IL. His novel Parade Day, dealing with a somewhat fictionalized version of his hometown, its St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and robots,  is available on Amazon. He also maintains the Super Fantasy Death Pool blog, for all your celebrities obituary needs.

He is also the author of such masterworks as the much loved satirical novel The Sunshine Man (currently available only at the Wilkes University library – make the pilgrimage!),  the tremendously successful (in Scranton terms) stage adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the riveting albeit brief screenplay for the Youtube sensation The Bass, and the controversial, thought provoking, and utterly overlooked plays Crudite, Play For Night, Windshield Wipers Turpentine, and Biography, the last of which was staged to much acclaim if not much asses in seats in a one-act play festival held in a park near a busy highway.

5 responses to “About the Author

  1. Hey Cetta… nice website!

    See you at the residency?

  2. joecetta

    Unfortunately not this residency, no. I just moved out here, I can’t get back in time. January, maybe? Have a good time, Erin!

  3. I have to drive way further down Main Ave. now to get to friends. And it sucks.

  4. illuminecommunications

    Hi Joe! I just wanted to say thanks for writing such a kind review of my book (Moon St. Louis) on Epinions. I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit and found the book helpful! Happy you checked out City Museum — that place is insane*.

    Take care,

    *in the best possible way

  5. Hey Joe. You’ve probably been nominated for one of these WordPress award things 14 million times, but I had to do it again. You have officially been dubbed “Most Influential Blogger” because you’re smart and hilarious, which goes a long way with me.

    I did this three days ago and haven’t told you because I’m the world’s greatest procrastinator. I won’t judge you if you don’t nominate 10 others. No one will, probably…


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