50 Resume Destroying Buzzwords/Phrases/Ego-Driven Claims

Recently, I ran across a darling little article on a website (n. website – it’s sort of like a video newspaper that doesn’t get smeary on your hands) about common mistakes the average working slob is making when compiling a resume.  People working in an office/business/non-sex related capacity have become so used to management speak and phrasing that they were under the assumption that this is what those thick, troglodyte starched collars wanted to see on your menu of jobs and schools.  Au contraire, amigo (multi-lingual-ality, it helps)!

Another day, another search for a new job

But I felt the article left a number of things off.  Not everyone is working in the corporate sector, punching the clock and not the boss, eating lunch at the same Subway every day, chatting about the same lousy local sports team, what the weather is supposed to be like Sunday, and “Oh I hope it doesn’t rain cause we’ve gotta head out to the suburbs to get that cheap produce,” and “I don’t know who’s going to be the next mayor, but they better fix this parking situation!”  Nope, so not all resumes should or would contain the same trite bullshit.  For every “Team player” and “Goal-oriented” they advised against, they missed equally as hackneyed and cloying terms.  Here now, Knowingly Undersold’s Resume Guide of Don’ts!

In the future, be sure to avoid the following phrases, no matter your occupation, the job you’re applying for, where you live or grew up, or what form of Tourette’s you might be suffering from:

T-shirts with slogan inappropriate at interviews, too

1.) Whore master, as in “I am a fully qualified and experienced whore master, and can keep dem bitches in line.”

2.) Dem bitches

3.) Daddy issues

4.) Yes Man – no matter how much ass you’re willing to kiss, you shouldn’t mention this on your resume, even if the job is to literally lay lips on buttocks.  In that case, they already know you’re a yes man just by receiving the application.

5.) Millstone

6.) From the Future – You might be looking at the big picture, seeing problems long term, but try and convince a prospective employer that you are actually a time traveler and enjoy your time at the loony bin!  (Even though this should be a given – this applies even if you are actually from the future)

7.) Light bondage expert

Lion tamer? Nope.

8.) Heavy bondage expert

9.) Madame Claudia, who you can refer to as My Dominatrix Queen and Ruler

10.) Break maximizing, as in “I can sure make the most out of the time I’m spending not working while at work.  I read The American Tragedy using only breaks in one month!” This will set unrealistic expectations for the time you actually are working.

11.) Imflammable – trust me, it doesn’t mean what it first appears to mean.  You might think, metaphorically, that this could apply to your personality, or managerial courage, but it just means you can burn to death.

12.) Flammable – see 11.), this is a given, really.

13.) Distractible

14.) Imagery whiz – Look, unless you’re a poet, no one likes or appreciates imagery (and if you are a poet, God help you finding a real job). You might think telling a story about how dealing with irate customers compares to Prospero raging at the storm, but everyone will likely just think you’re an asshole.

15.) Chronic napper

16.) Razzle Dazzle Oriented, as in “I feel my work is very razzle dazzle oriented.” In virtually no profession is this a good thing.

17.) Time Killer

18.) Prison Yard Etiquette

19.) Cocksman – (see whore master)

20.) Cuckold

21.) Coxswain – even if this is the position you’re applying for.  Too silly, makes everyone giggle

22.) Steered the Vessel of Life Out of My Vagina – no one is interested, unless maybe you’re applying to work on a cruise ship as the coxswain (see above)

23.) Anti-Hobo Gratuities

24.) Depressed

25.) Lazy Eyed

26.) Double Jointed – fun, but irrelevant

27.) Promethean

28.) Promiscuous

29.) Pro-marinades – delicious, but pointless

"I blow glass like motherf*ckin' riot"

30.) Bong Maker – as in “I can make a bong out of anything – vegetables, garbage cans, PVC pipes, human skulls, baby bottles – anything.”  Even for a head shop application or work on a television sitcom, this isn’t going to help.

31.) Cunning linguist – even HR at the U.N. would laugh and throw this away

32.) Fantasy Football Commissioner

33.) Amateur surveillance expert – i.e. Peeping Tom

34.) Shouty

35.) The Mayor of Power Point – again, even if you were actually elected to office in a town named Power Point, people will just think you’re an arrogant, nerdy douche

36.) Sexting

37.) Fakin’ It – Let’s say you were a DJ and playing this old Simon & Garfunkel tune was your calling card, still don’t put it on a resume.  It’s an overall impression you’re trying to create!

38.) Self Appointed Manager

39.) Water Cooler – never mention it on a resume.  If your job was to cool water at some point, say  you were a Liquid Temperature Control Engineer or something.

40.) Nerve Wracker

41.) Pot Luck Organizer

42.) So Far Outside the Box I Have to Go Back and Look For the Box Just to Make Sure it Wasn’t Destroyed By My Unconventional New Ideas and Approaches, Which Created a Whole New Box I Subquently Got Ideas Out Of

43.) Spontaneous Sing-Alongs

44.) Copier Jammer

45.) Molesting – literal (e.g. you used to be a priest) or figurative (e.g. you used to be a poet – see 14.)), best to avoid

"I keep my eyes on the cups. I cannot be distracted!" Still unhireable.

46.) Beer Pong

47.) Decoy Skills

48.) Lamming It

49.) Document Forging

50.) Blogger

 Now, all you’ve gotta do is take a quick gander through your resume and remove any of the above phrases you find!  Your new career is waiting for you!  Good luck!

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  1. Munch

    I realize I have Anti-Hobo Gratuities on my resume twice! This explains why I don’t get callbacks! Thanks!!

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