John McCain’s Incredibly Hot Daughter Creates Twitter Uproar with Warhol Photo

meghanmccaintwitterMeghan McCain finds herself embroiled in controversy this morning after posting a picture on popular social networking site yesterday in which she holds an Andy Warhol biography and smiles, clearly implying she enjoys it.  The wildly sexy McCain, contributing writer for the website The Daily Beast, and her choice of literature elicited hundreds of negative comments and vociferous outrage about her choice of reading material.

“WHAT THE -?!” posted Twitter user SirSnarksalot.  “How someone as mind-blowingly attractive as @McCainBlogette could be interested in a pasty no-talent like Warhol is personally offensive!”

twitter_fail_whale“Incredible!” posted McDeetzey. “With a YOWZA body and killer smile like @McCainBlogette has, you think she’d know better!  Warhol was a hack!”

“I hope @McCainBlogette enjoys her fifteen minutes of fame,” posted hamburglaring211.

The gorgeous Miss McCain’s father, former Presidential candidate and Senator from Arizona John McCain, was quick to defend his stunning offspring.

“Cindy and I have always supported the reading habits of our children,” McCain said in a statement.  “Even if their tastes run to the mediocre and mundane, it is their decision to read what they choose, and we’re behind them one-hundred percent.”

The dazzling Miss McCain has been outspokenly pro-sex in the past, but oddly mute on the issue of 20th century artists, until now anyway.  “Given her tendency to break from the Republican party’s set line of decision in the past,” Russell Hapsmith, political correspondent for MSNBC said, “It should be no surprise she would court controversy by making this daring declaration of her artistic preference now.”

This sudden shove into the national spotlight has afforded the breathtaking, mountain-breasted Miss McCain the obvious opportunity to run for higher office down the road, given the GOP’s recent track record.

Future President McSexy?

Future President McSexy?

“We would fully support a Meghan McCain campaign for the Presidency,” Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele announced this morning.  “She has the lineage, the savvy, and the eyes, legs, hair, and figure to be a great leader.”

Meghan McCain, who turns 25 next week, won’t become eligible to run for President until 2020.


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2 responses to “John McCain’s Incredibly Hot Daughter Creates Twitter Uproar with Warhol Photo

  1. Angie B

    Lindsay Lohan – she got some big ass titties.

    Megan McCain – she got some big-ass titties.

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