Historians Declare Obama Best President in U.S. History

obama-190308_20526tWASHINGTON D.C. – A group of historians polled by Georgetown University has named Barack Obama the best President in the history of the United States.  Not wanting to be seen as premature, a spokesman for the group stated that based on what the president has planned for the country, and assuming all campaign and inaugural promises come to pass, Obama’s legacy will absolutely trounce that of all previous occupiers of the Oval Office.

“We felt we waited long enough in making this inevitable declaration,” historian Albert Hedgefellow said at the press conference this morning.  “It’s obvious to anyone with a knowledge of world events and conjecture that President Obama will end up with accomplishments greatly outnumbering those of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Franklin Roosevelt combined.”

Despite his first year in office so far being marred by an ugly battle over healthcare reform, increased fighting in Afganistan, and Chicago losing its bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, the 44th President’s announcements concerning the greatness of life in the future and potential of the world to come has been more than enough for many.

“We have complete faith in the president’s ability to achieve all the lofty goals he has set for himself and America,” fellow historian Louise Verna said.  “Just because no one has managed to fix healthcare up until now doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  And even though we live in a time where Republicans and Democrats are more divided than ever, there is no reason to think that the president can’t convince the sides to come together and agree on the tough issues that plague our society.”

heavenonearthThe world of 2012 – long assumed to be the magical future time Obama aims for – is scheduled to be fraught with employment and prosperity, all soldiers returned home from the two-pronged war in Iraq and Afganistan, universal healthcare afforded to every man, woman, and child in the nation, the infrastructure of our highways and roads in tip-top shape, worldwide nuclear disarmament complete, Osama bin Laden dead as disco, Social Security prepared to support the exploding senior citizenry, and Detroit again a significant, proud city of automotive excellence, peace, and harmony.

“Isn’t that a world you’d like to live in?” Hedgefellow asked.  “With all that coming down the pike, how could we as a learned, educated body not state with certainty that Barack Obama is the greatest president this country has ever known?  Heck, we didn’t consider world leaders throughout the ages in the debate, but I can’t see who would top Obama even then.”

While some have expressed concern that proclaiming the president “the most exemplary display of presidential embodiment humanly possible” can only increase the pressure and ratchet up expectations on the still relatively new-on-the-job leader of the free world, Obama for one took the announcement in stride.

“I am very humbled by this declaration,” the president said.  “This august body has made a very flattering, encouraging decision, and I can only consider this recognition as a call to action.”

The choice of the sitting president was a surprise to many, who’ve come to expect certain names at the top of this type of list.  Perhaps even more surprising in the ranking, though, was Michelle Obama placing 37th, despite being at least seven years away from even running for the office.  This position placed her ahead of such presidential disasters as James Buchanan, Herbert Hoover, and Andrew Johnson, and just directly behind Richard Nixon.


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69 responses to “Historians Declare Obama Best President in U.S. History

  1. FAQR

    are you sh%$ in me

    • john

      obama is the most horrible president ever hands down. he is a f u cking joke and i think he deserves 0 credibility

      • Not possible. Bush is the worst ever. 10 years later and people are still dying from his lie. “There are WMDs in Iraq.” Remember that? Did we find any? No. How many Iraqis and Americans died based on that? How many people died during Katrina? Then he had the nerve to say the lowest point in his presidency was a rapper (Kanye West) saying that Bush doesn’t car about black people. Really? Not having his car egged or getting shoes thrown at him or making us look like morons to the entire world, but a comment by a rapper. LOL. Obama isn’t the best, but he’s certainly not the worst.

      • GeeMoney

        Yet he’s accomplished most of his campaign promises despite the opposition. He didn’t cost us jobs they were already gone when he took the Presidency. He didn’t destroy the housing market or raid your retirement funds that was already done when he took office. You apparently aren’t looking around at the world that is changing because he is making American look like the beacon of freedom that other countries are striving for. Now if you believe differently because you listen to others not get your info yourself then be the puppet you are, LOL!!!

      • dee

        I suppose you are just one of those other racist that President Obama has and still is faced with. You need to be angry at Congress. The Republican Party is the group that everyone should be angry at. I am not into politics that deep,but a blind person can see that the president’s plans have been sabotaged by those who set out to hurt him even before he was elected. It is all because of his color. I guess I was naive also because I thought because the president is mixed-race it would not be so bad but I was badly mistaken.

      • chris



      • bonnieux

        To commenters here.

        You need to check your research and find out the truth instead of believing what Fox News tells you.

        Pres. Obama has accomplished more in his first year of presidency than any other president in history. Check your facts, please.

        This the Republican party knows damn well how intelligent the man is. Pres. O had a strong agenda to bring forth our country, help it grow. Why do you think that Speaker/Weeper Boehner obstructs, obstructs, obstructs anything he does. Why do you think that from day one Mitch McConnel came out to say to the people. “We want to make this president a one term president” saying with a happy smile on his face Why do you think from the first night of Pres. O’s FIRST innauguration the right wing politicos met over dinner to plot his demise” Tom Coburn; Newt Gringrich, Jon Kyl, Jim de Mint, Paul Ryan and their were more.

        Pres. Obama will go down in history as one of the greats!

      • bonnieux

        If commenters here continue to listen to the Republicans’ lies and smears, untruths, oh, and Faux News, especially Faux News who also spread those horrible remarks, lies, etc., people will never find out the truth.
        It is a known fact how the republicans plotted on Os innaug. night to bring him down. Pres. O ‘s accomplishments in his first year of office accomplished more than any other president in our history.
        Pres. O IS definitely the absolutely best president ever in our history!

        Also, in a European poll by top leaders, they voted for the best top 3 leaders in the world. Pres. O was in the top three along with The Pope, and the Dalai Lama.

        Ask yourself, what have the Republicans done for our country? They also took an oath of office. What have they done for you? They shutdown the govt.! In 2010 they ran on jobs, jobs, jobs. When they were voted in they completely left that by the wayside.
        They oppose everything Pres. O wants to do. That is fact.
        Republicans have only one thing in mind. Work for the 1%ers, NOT the for we, the people.

      • bonnieux

        Can we have that conversation. Please tell us right here why he is so bad in your eyes.

        Thank you.

      • bonnieux

        What a wonderful article. I, too, from the very beginning knew there was and is something special in President Barack Obama.
        With what he has had to contend with the Republican party constantly obstructing him in everything he does it is a wonder he has accomplished as much as he has. Pres. O has accomplished more in his first year in office than any other president.
        From the night of his first inauguration, the Republican party plotted the president’s demise. The R party went after him from day one.
        He also has been polled by European leaders as one of the top three leaders in the world along with the Dalai Lama and the Pope.
        Thank heavens for President Obama. I am so proud of President Obama!

    • The truth is sacred because some people refuse to except it. All of you who criticize the President is because of your own in-ability to face the truth. Lies are your justification for hatred and so you cling to them out of pain of facing the truth. Read what you write and you will see yourself as hateful, bitter,unreasonable, and fearful of being less than what you were also told that you were, superior to all races other than your own. Well get over it there are people who excel, are more intelligent, courageous, and honest than you. Go ahead and spit fire like the devil.

  2. Guy

    I agree that Obama is the best President ever – we love him in Canada. The recent loss of the House is more a reflection of the fear and panic due to the jam the USA is in (and will be for the foreseeable future). It took more that 2 years for the country to get in and will take a multiplier to get them (us) out. It’s unfortunate but he US won’t turn around until it faces that it must be competitive to win. There is no God given destiny. In the meantime, bringing peoples together – from all around the world is leadership – and it is important that he succeeds in the US. In the end, the American people will see the value of a genuine, humble and accountable man from the opposite.

    • Amy

      Genuine – Humble and Accountable my butt!

      • bonnieux

        If commenters here continue to listen to the Republicans’ lies and smears, untruths, oh, and Faux News, especially Faux News who also spread those horrible remarks, lies, etc., people will never find out the truth.
        It is a known fact how the republicans plotted on Os innaug. night to bring him down. Pres. O ‘s accomplishments in his first year of office accomplished more than any other president in our history.
        Pres. O IS definitely the absolutely best president ever in our history!

        Also, in a European poll by top leaders, voted the best top 3 leaders in the world. Pres. O was in the top three along with The Pope, and the Dalai Lama.

        Ask yourself, what have the Republicans done for our country? What have they done for you? In 2010 they ran on jobs, jobs, jobs. When they were voted in they completely left that by the wayside.

        Republicans have only one thing in mind. Work for the 1%ers, NOT the for we, the people.

    • Phil Myers

      Who cares what you think Canada… You are all basically Communists. Stay in your Country’s business and we will deal with ours. Obama isn’t even a president to me. He’s a street thug!!

    • you take him as your leader then if like him so much

    • penny

      Your in Canada. Really bro, you obviously no nothing of the American people and what we are really going through. Obama is a terrible president and to date has done NOTHING to help any of us. He is cutting our military, messing with their benefits, and promising to only put more holds are their already small paychecks. I can promise peace, love, and harmony to but that doesn’t mean I’m going to make it happen. Obama is a piece of shit with promises that, like the past 3 years, he isn’t going to make happen.

    • Arthur Butler

      That’s good Canada! If President Obama was a white man, they would be all up his butt right about now! Ha! Ha! Ha! LOL. American flags would be wrapped around his behind. Flags would be everywhere!!!! LMBO… Obama is God sent… I am so glad that he is a black man that knows how to do the job and to do it right….

      • Be Frank

        He is half-white, dummy!
        The problem with him is not that he is half-black or half-white, but that he is ALL SOCIALIST!

  3. GMAB

    I’m not sure which “historians” Georgetown University polled, but I would suspect that they all have two dates on their tombstones. I think FAQR’s
    response is MOST appropriate. I’m sure we will have a new “leader” in 2012.

  4. bull crap

    your kidding right? historians are calling a man the greatest for what he “says” he will do?! a politician at that?! this is b.s. and just proves that people will blindly follow bull crap so long as it rolls smoothly from the lips of those in power! any and all who see this as truthful and objective are truly ignorant!!!!!

  5. It’s true, anyone who sees this as truthful is truly ignorant.

  6. Robert

    this is the most false written story I have ever seen. He has already spent more than George Bush and George Bush served for 2 terms. Also just because you love him in Canada that doesn’t mean anything. You don’t know what he is doing to the economy you just want to believe he is the best president.

    • GeeMoney

      Actually he hasn’t spent more than the previous Bush in 2 terms. All of his spending has been to stop the bleeding mess that was caused by GW Bush Jr.. What you’ve been listening to are the people that want the office back now that it’s looking good again. But try this on for size. Instead of watching FOX News faq check for yourself. Oh yeah of the 6 trillion dollar deficit only 2 trillion has been added by this administration and that was to stop us from going into the second depression

      • bruce

        you better do a serious fact check go to fact check or politico even wiki
        all you people saying bush raised the debt right before he left office might want to check because OBAMA VOTED FOR EVERY BUDGET INCREASE AND THE DEMOCRATS HAD MAJORITY CONTROL FOR LAST 2 YRS OF BUSH TERM UNTIL JAN 2010 AND AS OF NOW HAS INCREASED THE DEBT FAR PAST WHAT BUSH DID and.that’s sickening because bush was the worst of the worst until Obama. also you should read his book he wrote called my fathers dream you wont want to vote for him then.come on people stop blindly trusting these people.
        fail to hold the politicians accountable,and you end up with exactly what we have now a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government so bloated and corrupt it looks to be beyond repair..If government was a person you hired to work for you and had performed in comparable ways,wouldn’t you of fired them long ago?remember we don’t work for them,or at least we didn’t use too. “For those looking for security, be forewarned that there’s nothing more insecure than a political promise.” — Harry Browne

    • bonnieux

      It seems false to you because you listen to the Rs’ smears and hateful rhetoric.
      What has the R party done for you?

  7. Dr. Randall Rasmussen

    Virtual insanity. Is there one things that this man has done in his tenure that has helped this country. Massive debt…..destroying the free markets.

    • penny

      oh and set it up so that in a few years if you don’t have health insure you will sit in jail!!!

    • GeeMoney

      And you call yourself a Dr. but you didn’t do any faq checking before you chimed in on this. You’ve been glued to the misinformation that Fox and Hannity and the other cronies are feeding you for ratings, lol! You apparently having seen the changing global arena since this President has come into office as well as his string of successes in the security arena. What free markets do you see destroyed because of this President and massive debt? You might want to check to see if that was already done when he came into office.

      • Inspirer

        GeeMoney – don’t argue with fools are you’ll become just like them. The fact of the matter is, those who are white in America have simply not come to grips with the truth that they are still racists. They don’t like the fact that a black man is at the pinnacle of America running things and doing it exceptionally well. It is so sad that they cannot and will not accept the truth. But guess what? The truth needs no defense. It stands on its own and it’s good that there are those out there who will bust the “stagnant” quo and do what’s right. Republicans have caused a false economic crisis and these idiots are buying into it. President Obama is having to clean up the two-term mess that George Bush created. It amazes me of how stupid they can be and the amnesia that sets in. They simply ignore the terrible shape that George Bush put this country in and that President Obama has had to work hard to clean up. Wake up white America. There is a new order and it is not white supremacy…no such thing. Take a look at the upcoming Republic Convention – you’ll see just how far behind the times they are…a room filled with racists people who haven’t gotten past the civil rights movement. It’s happened. Times have changed. And we’re not going back to that ignorant era. Wake up and see the truth for what it is…you don’t like it that a black man is changing the course of America for the better and restoring our relationships and character with the nations.

    • bonnieux

      Have hyou ever thought to research all of Pres. O’s accomplishments all done in his first year! I think not. It may help you to find out the truth.

  8. EP

    What is this s’at-ire you sepak of?

  9. its true, people are just blinded by the color of his skin, but the world loves him and i do too. he has in 2 years done what bush couldnt do in 8 years.. and halth care system also in just 1 years 6 months … not to mention the national economic injection which insured that there is even still a bank in america… simple true america would be in a pile of “faerces” if it wasnt for obama

    • Amy

      Get your head out of your butt! Seriously! They want us to answer to the government for everything. Robbing from me to pay a bunch of lazy druggy deadbeats to sit at home, make babies they can’t feed and suck the rest of us dry! They want us all to be like that! Well, I don’t mind working for a living….but I do mind the thieves that double dip into my income to ‘save the world’. The world has to want to save themselves first. Get up off your butts and get to work!

      • Paul

        Amy, you are right on. Lets cut gov’t programs and spending and stop raising the dept ceiling. People must be responsible for themselves and I believe most people can work, but as long as we keep supporting them why should they.

      • That was Bush’s bailout. Do some of you even follow politics? Before Bush left, he passed the Bailouts. If you recall, when Obama first got into office, the media made a huge deal as to whether or not he would veto Bush’s bill. Bush’s last act was to spend an extra $1 Trillion on his way out to help his banker buddies. If we are going to be honest, at least don’t put blame on a man that had nothing to do with it. Blame him for not using the power of Veto on Bush’s last “F You” to the American people on his way out of office.

      • StopJudging

        You people have the nerve. There are people out here that try everyday to find jobs. You are not the only ones struggling out here. There has been people that has worked thier butt off all there lives then companies decide to do lay off, now they are looking for help. Until you walk in other peoples shoes and know what they go through stop judging.

        I sit here and read everyone comments. We fail to realize that the people that we elect are human, the are not GODS. The will fall short just like you and everyone else. You want to see a change. You make that change. You do something about it. Come up with solutions to fix the problem of this world if you feel so strongly that nothing is being done the way would like it to me done. Everyone wake up. We are in this situation because of the decision we had made or is making. We need stop blaming others for our decisions.

      • bonnieux

        It’s all the lies and smears the Republicans dish out on a daily basis that makes you believe. It is not fact. It is all about bringing down our president and you fell for it.

    • BW

      Hopefully His Majesty is great enough to teach you how to write an intelligent paragraph. Doubtful.

  10. BW

    The story reads like something out the Onion. Is it, in fact, satire??? Or are these “historians” strung out on LSD?

  11. ihsrc

    The national debt grew by more than $4 trillion during George W. Bush’s presidency. It was the biggest increase under any president in U.S history at the time. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-500803_162-4486228-500803.html Both Republicans AND Democrats are not the answer. They both are great big spenders. Bush also gave us the biggest federal budget expansion since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/oct/19/big-government-gets-bigger Bush was also the Biggest Taxer in World History. http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/bush-the-biggest-taxer-in-world-history Both parties are bankrupting America. Republicans need to stop be hypocrites.

  12. WhatI'mtalkinbout

    So uhh, you plan to update this any time soon to maybe reflect how he’s delivered on those campaign promises?

  13. rgcaudill

    President Obama is the Best US President I have seen/known in my lifetime. I am now a senior citizen in my seventies. We all need to support Our President. rgc364

    • bonnieux

      You said a mouthful. I voted twice for President Obama. He is the best ever. He has done more in his first year in officer than any other president in history.
      It’s sad that the haters simply won’t find out the truths about all the good he has done for our country. They don’t want to. All they want to do is hate and smear this president. They have been too brainwashed by their own party!

  14. DaveW

    To say anyone President can complete more than Lincoln, in our time is a total fantasy. I just wish for once people would be honest. As bad as Bush was, he did what he truly thought was the best for the people of America and the free world. He had at his highest rate of unemployment 6.9-7.1% during his first term in office(these figures were from Obama’s own staff report on job status) and his lowest was at 4.4%Which Tom Daschle and Al Franken claimed were nothing more than burger flipping jobs. Nancy Pelosi herself called Bush the worse “job killer of em’all” but she has nothing to say about Obama. I voted for Obama cause I really thought he would try and better the country, I feel more divided and scard for the future now more than ever.

    • GeeMoney

      @DaveW do you know that when President Obama took office unemployment was at 11% because of all problems and deregulation that the Bush Administration put in. Now if you don’t have a job it isn’t because of President Obama it’s because you didn’t “Move with the Cheese”. This countries job complexion has been changing for the past 9 years into less of a physical and more automated workforce.

    • bonnieux

      Dave. You are wrong. W. Bush is the worst president in our history. The Europeans scratched their heads on why we Americans voted for Bush the second time! They thought we had absolutely lost our marbles…and we did. (Thank God I nvever voted for W. Bush .) Daddy Bush was different in that he had some brains unlike junior B ush…brains were absent there.. We were the laughing stock of the world. Just like the Europeans hate Sarah Palin…..the most hated women in the world.
      The way Condi Rice LIED to Congress!!! The way Condi Rice told of “mushroom clouds”. The way the repubs brainswashed the Wash.politicos going into a faux war all for the greed of the Bush adm. That is what will go down in history with these politicos of the R party. Bush never had a brain. Why do you think he had so many people around him, answering for him?…Why do you think he went into war? Bush wanted to be a war president that way no one could go after him. The Bush adm. continued to say this excuse, “you can’t question the president in “time of war!” OMG, I could go on and on.

    • bonnieux

      Obvioulsy it seems you haven’t been following politics like I have 24/7! I watch and read it constantly. I have listened to both sides. Believe me. The Rs want nothing but to see Pres. O fail! They have tried, and turned American against Pres. O. From day one the Rs have dissed, hated, smeared our president. For 6 years I am still receiving hate emails. (They all have been reported.) The Rs have gone crazy over Pres. O. The Rs are un American for what they have done to our country.
      Do your research.please. You would be amazed at what the president has done for our country.

  15. obama is the best. period. better than that ass sucking bush

    • bonnieux

      Jay….Amen to that. It’s too bad, really too bad, that the obstructionists got their hateful hold on the president from helping grow our country.
      Just think how far along we would have been if not for the party of “do nothings” hating for their own greed just to win an election.
      They lost the second election cycle….and that burned them so badkly so they turned to the best thing they know how to do…..Hate, hate , hate talk to the American’s instead of being bi partisian and helping the people of America who made it so great. It’s not a great country anymore due the righty/hate party that has brought us down into the gutter. The birther’s, the racisists, the non believer’s …..Despicable!

  16. Paint_brush

    Apparently there aren’t any cerebrally inspired Americans posting on this item. Your response does certainly reflect the sliding academic achievements of the US in the world academic standing. I didn’t vote for this president, but I do see what the Georgetown academia are summing up. I will await what historians will write about him after his term in office is complete. God Bless America..

    • bonnieux

      You can blame the R party for hating and obstructing on this president.
      Pres. Os agenda has been blocked a gazillion times by Speaker Boehner, you know the man who is an alcholic, drinks on the job and plays golf three times a week on taxpayers dime. That you don’t care about, though. If you only would come to your senses and find out the truths. You, Paint Brush, have been had by your own party.

  17. BillHaywood4Ever

    I am pretty sure this is satire. Judging from the comments, I am also pretty sure that 100 percent of wingnuts are too stupid to recognize it as such.

    • bonnieux

      What makes you think this is “satire?”
      The intelligent people of America know the truth and not the lies as told by the R party haters. They are a despicable bunch of politicos who meet every week to plot the president’s demise. Well, how did that second election turn out for you people? Huh. Huh. Huh. Your man
      Mitt, Mr. Draft Dodger”, ‘Mr. 1%er” Romney got burned big time.

  18. The truth is sacred because some people refuse to except it. All of you who criticize the President is because of your own in-ability to face the truth. Lies are your justification for hatred and so you cling to them out of pain of facing the truth. Read what you write and you will see yourself as hateful, bitter,unreasonable, and fearful of being less than what you were also told that you were, superior to all races other than your own. Well get over it there are people who excel, are more intelligent, courageous, and honest than you. Go ahead and spit fire like the devil.


    • bonnieux

      Thank the Good Lord, President Obama is a good, decent man, a good decent family man. An intelligent man unlike how the right wing/hate party want to perceive him to be. We, the people, in the know, absolutely now the truths.

      Hater commenters here would rather believe the likes of Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Laura Inghram, and the hideous blonde woman/long hair …Fox News. For they, these commenters, do not know that Fox News won a case in court brought on by one of their empoyees who refused to lie on air. Guess what. The judge granted Fox News the case. A big win for\Fox …They can indeed lie on air all they want. They do not have to tell any truths. And to make matters worse, their boss, Roger Ailes, told his anchor people, they can say “whatever they feel like saying.” No holds barred.

      It is because these hater comenters are from another world who live in the world of hatred, racism, llies and untruths.

  19. bruce

    what a load of horse shit,do people even bother to check records? evidently not..for all you poor Obama couldn’t get anything done because everyone is against him you might want to reconsider and check some facts,we are no better off than when he took office.and the debt is 4 times higher along with gas and food prices,unemployment is only part of a percent better ONLY IF you don’t count the people that have used up their unemployment and are still unemployed.before he was elected he voted for every budget increase,and the democrats had majority control for 2006 to Jan 2011 so you cant blame it on that. .he makes great speeches but his words hold only empty promises of what you want to hear.he accomplished nothing of substance before being president.his only noted achievement has been becoming president.and if you would read his book dreams of my father you would never vote for him.So please people do some research and realize we must get rid of our crooked members of government in both partys. they are both equally to blame and there will never be any worthwhile change until that happens,time will tell the truth.don’t wait to find out you were wrong when it has become to late.do some serious research instead of taking their word.as truth.your children’s future will be the better for your effort.remember those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it and we have lost more rights and world respect under Clinton, Bush and Obama’s administrations than we have since our nation was founded.

    • bonnieux

      So sick and tired of hateful comments re: the president. You have been brainwashed into thinking he is an evil man. He certainly is NOT. You do NOT want to believe that Pres. O has done much for our country. The right winger’s do NOT want you to know how well he has done.
      Get your facts straight before you tell your untruths on the Internet.
      Thank You.

  20. GAR
    Obama is selling us down the river with his vendetta about the black brother being brought over here from what is known now as Kenya for slavery. Also, everybody is scared spitless about the race card being held over their heads. This country has been painting its self into a corner with progressivness since Woodrow Wilson’s time. AUGH!

  21. Drew

    Obama is the worst president! The people who took the poll just didn’t want to be racist, and some might have been dumb liberals as well. You idiots need to check your sources.

  22. bonnieux

    Ha, ha. You people have been had and conned to death, and brainwashed to death.

    Why don’t you believe in truths? What a sad bunch of commenters here with so much hate in their hearts for one helluva great president.

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