First Campaign Poster!


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4 responses to “First Campaign Poster!

  1. As your ad so subtly hints at, you are seeking to expand your power base by incorporating the Filipino community. The “rising sun” back drop are alternate colors from Japan, a country we have so strongly supported through a mutual love and respect for sushi, Transformers, and, Ichiro Suzuki, while at the same time understanding the need to subvert their power with your stance on the Godzilla initiative. As a Filipino, we have been exploited by both America and Japan in order to fulfill each countries avarice appetite for all things Autobot.

    That said, your choice for VP is obvious. You need a man who is both half-Pinoy, half-Irish, and all American. You need someone with the profile that matches yours without threatening your face time. You need somebody who will be seen as a solid number two: you need Rob Schnieder. He’s mixed race but not mixed up about his politics. Cetta/Schnieder 2016. . .just a thought. . .

  2. Anthony

    Dude…don’t forget where you came from!!!!

  3. joecetta

    I was hoping for a second that you were proposing the dream Cetta/Warner ticket, but you’re right, Rob Schneider is a solid option. Calls have been made to his publicist, who was too busy licking himself to call back, apparently.

    Della Rocco! You too could be the Veep! I stay true to the ideals we first forged in the cubicles! Pie will be on the agenda soon!

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