Thank You, Bus!

My first attempt at writing a children’s book, which has basically become a thing of legend:

Thank You, Bus!

SchoolBusJoe was sad. 😦
He had to work mandatory overtime. 😦
It sucked out loud. 😦
He didn’t want to have to work the mandatory overtime, but he didn’t want to go back to working at the dollar store, either.
But how could Joe get out of doing it?
Then it occurred to him.
If you were injured or had some sort of medical condition, you only had to work your regular hours.
Johnny didn’t have to do mandatory overtime.          

He had a broken arm.

Sally didn’t have to do mandatory overtime.

She was pregnant
So Joe had an idea……
There was a bus stop in downtown Scranton, on Lackawanna Avenue, near where the hookers turned tricks.
Joe had full medical benefits.
The plan would work!
So Joe stepped out onto
Lackawanna Avenue
, in front of the speeding local to Wilkes Barre.
The bus driver blew the horn  *Honk! Honk!*

But Joe didn’t move.
“Come, bus!”
The bus went POW!
Joe went up…….up……up……and landed splat!
Before he passed out and the ambulance came, Joe muttered “Thank you, bus!”
The nice doctors put Joe back together. 🙂
He watched TV. 🙂
He ate ice cream. 🙂
His inpatient claim was totally covered, minus the copay. 🙂
Now, life is good again.
Joe likes not having to work the mandatory overtime.
His co-workers are still miserable, but Joe is happy, happy, happy.
His co-workers often show Joe their displeasure, with hand gestures and vulgarity.
But Joe doesn’t care.
He loves his life, he loves his job, and he loves the bus.

“Thank You, Bus!”

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  1. When is the illustrated version coming out?

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