The Set of 400: The Quartermark Quiz! Win Valuable Prizes!

We’re a quarter of the way there! Congratulations, all! Has the Set of 400 established itself as part of your morning ritual? Have you joined one of the dozens of watch party groups around the country? Has the inclusion of a stray foreign language-r or two inspired a global viewing extravaganza? There is plenty more on the way, but thanks for your continued support! Our numbers are tremendous and your link clinks have nearly secured me a new revenue stream, thanks to the good people at the Patio Store, locations in Calgary and Red Deer, Alberta!

And now, time for the quiz! Get your No. 2 pencils ready, chumps, because the Scantron is warmed up and prizes are on the line! What prizes, you may ask? Oho, it’s gonna be winners choice here in Quiz Round I (Yep, there may be more! Who knows?) – delivered straight to your door from the American Post Office (Contiguous U.S. residents only, please!). You could have my large print copy of Joseph Heller’s unfortunate sequel to Catch-22, titled Closing Time! You could receive my Loot Crate plastic mini-statue of Rick from Rick and Morty flashing double middle fingers! You could win an luxury tour of my guest bathroom (no travel or lodging expenses included)! Numerous options available – see bottom of post for all prize options, and pictures of these dumb things, too! Plus, obviously, all winners receive a signed and extensively inscribed copy of my award-free masterpiece Parade Day, soon to fall out of print!

So be sure to answer the below questions (the answers for which are located in the previous Set of 400 posts) and email your answers to (Yeah I still have an operational Hotmail account!). Additional details at the bottom of this post!

But now, The Quiz!

Question 1 – The only post I remember actually alluding to this quiz dealt with the movie I watched on September 11th, 2001. What was that movie?

Question 2 – Which post was the first to feature an actual photograph of my stupid kisser?

Question 3 – Which post featured birds as the movie MVP?

Question 4 – Which movie received the coveted Best Lethal Hot Tub Fourway award?

Question 5 – In which post is it mentioned that some nameless friend of mine declared Steal Big, Steal Little starring Andy Garcia to be their favorite movie?

Question 6 – Which post is the first to feature a picture of Steve Guttenberg?

Question 7 – I hated Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones so much, that I didn’t see Episode III until what year?

Question 8 – Which list film from the first hundred won the coveted Best Film Yet to Open in Iowa award from the Iowa Film Critics? (Hint: Two films thus far listed have actually won this award, but only one post mentions it! Bonus points for both titles!)

Question 9 – Which post has a picture captioned with lyrics from the Groucho Marx song “Omaha, Nebraska”?

Question 10 – Which weekend post (i.e. the forgotten films) features the film directly responsible for me buying a DVD burner?

Question 11 – Which post is the first to feature a picture from The X-Files?

Question 12 – Which movie received the Set of 400 award Best Pressing Agricultural Inquiry?

Question 13 – What actor has often been described as a hero/American hero/God for once hitting Norman Mailer with a hammer?


That’s it! 13 and done!


Email your answers to with the subject “Set of 400 Quiz” by midnight CST July 31st.

Most correct answers wins, folks! You don’t necessarily have to get them all – we’ve got some toughies up there!

Only one email per person – you can’t keep submitting answers up to the deadline. Your first email is your entire entry!

Were you to conquer your fellow men and win this quiz, we can work out which prize you want, and how I can get that thing to you.

All ties broken by the order the answers are received – first person with all 13 correct is obviously the winner. Consolation prizes will follow in the same fashion, until all the junk, er, goods are depleted.

Blood and immediate marriage relatives of yours truly are not eligible for prizes (this only incorporates like seven people) – but you can still win my everlasting affection and the envy of all the jokers participating! How lucky for you! Not sure if you’re eligible? Consult for more details!

The Prizes!

Still with me? Here are all the things you could win by dominating the above quiz:

These Balls

The Random House Pocket German-English Dictionary

The Madonna and the Whore, from the vaguely racist line of vending machine toys, Homies

Hunger Games and Bob’s Burgers pins, from some remote Loot Crate

An actual Eiffel Tower keychain from Paris, France! It’s got a tag on it and everything!

Closing Time, the aforementioned mediocre sequel to Catch-22, by Joseph Heller. And, it’s in Large Print! Give it to your grandma for her birthday!

A bicentennial Kennedy half dollar! Mint condition! Get it? Mint? Wocka wocka!

From the episode “The Ricks Must Be Crazy,” Loot Crate’s finely crafted double middle finger statue of Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty!

DC and Marvel collectibles! A Matchbox Batmobile and X-Men’s Charles Xavier!

Not pictured – my spare bathroom, but sure, if you want that tour, it’s available.

And of course, no prize pack on this Earth would be complete without a heavily marked up and personally inscribed copy of Parade Day – hell, I’ll cross out some character names and write you in, if you like! You’re the boss, quiz champion! Also, if you’re already a character in the book (the huge group of you know who you are), I can scratch out your name and make it something cooler. Let me know!

So there you have it! An actual, honest-to-goodness contest with no sponsorship (call me back, Patio Store!) or other monetary benefit to yours truly! Enter now!

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