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The Set of 400: #104 – My Favorite Intricate Chalk Blocking

Today! Because I wouldn’t wipe my feet on him if he were starving, and I hope he is –

Twentieth Century (1934)

Directed by Howard Hawks

Starring John Barrymore (x2), Carole Lombard (x5), Walter Connolly (x2), Roscoe Karns, Charles Lane (x2), Edgar Kennedy (x2), Ralph Forbes (x2), Etienne Girardot, Dale Fuller, Billie Seward

The fifth and final Lombard to make the list, and the one that made her a star, Twentieth Century hits that sweet spot of mine being a movie about plays and also tangentially about movies, replete with ridiculous over-the-top theater people delivering headspinning dialogue from Oscar winners Ben Hecht and Scranton’s own Charles MacArthur. This movie is also directly responsible for the inclusion of the later Lombard flick True Confession – as that movie reunited this film’s stars, largely because Barrymore was falling on hard times and she insisted he get cast, a move that elevated the picture above her more standard light comedy of that time.

Fun, contentious on-screen pair!

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