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The Set of 400: #Whoops! The First in a Multi-Part Series

So what the hell is this now?

Here’s the rundown. During the course of writing this series, I’ve found myself reminded of films I wished I’d included originally, but couldn’t possibly go through the hassle of reworking and reediting what I’ve already done in order to jam them in. Figure, while I allotted about two months to rewatch films and order the initial list in the summer of ’18, I was bound to forget some things, and the subsequent writing process was bound to trigger memories of forgotten films. Hell, it’s not like I’ve got a list of all the films I’ve ever seen handy!

Okay, it’s not a list per se, but I do pay more attention to my IMDB ratings than I care to admit.

So, from time to time, I’m going to throw together a quick write-up for one of these overlooked favorites, and where basically it might have been included. First up! Continue reading

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