The Set of 400: Egads! The Fifth in a Multi-Part Series

Muy estupido!

Upon learning of this omission, the wife was decidedly upset, and blamed me for everything from the wage gap to the election of Brian Kemp as Georgia’s governor in 2018. I explained I hadn’t seen this movie in some time, but that was yet another flimsy excuse by the man trying to not give womankind her due. So, remedy!

Thelma & Louise (1991)

But it wasn’t just the willingness to keep a happy household or virulent feminist spousal pressure that brought us to revisit the list as constructed – I really hadn’t seen Thelma & Louise in forever, and am reticent to credit Ridley Scott for almost anything (Has this popped up in the list yet? Oh, if not, it’s coming). So, begrudgingly, I’d like to admit that he does serviceable job bringing this story to the screen – with Sarandon and Davis more deserving of the praise for their incredible performances. But, I mean, if ever a 1991 movie was going to be directed by a woman (and there were plenty available), shouldn’t it have been this one? Is this not more indicative of the goddamn boy’s club the DGA was and largely still is than anything else? Is there a more empowered picture in the history of cinema than Thelma & Louise? No way they’d let Ridley Scott direct this thing now, nor should they, nor should he want to, nor should anyone clamor for it, nor should I continue down this path.

I’m sorry! Jeez!

It probably should’ve landed on the list somewhere this past week – I’d say maybe #315ish, just ahead of The Master. That’s pretty decent representation, and on a list regrettably light on female-led action-dramas! Sorry, all!

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