The Set of 400: #372 – My Favorite Temptations

Today! Because I done a bad thing/cut my brother in half –

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)

Directed by Jake Kasdan

Starring John C. Reilly, Kristen Wiig, Jenna Fischer, Craig Robinson, Harold Ramis, Ed Helms, Jack White, Raymond J. Barry, Margo Martindale, Tim Meadows, Honeyboy Edwards, Jack Black, Jonah Hill (x2), Justin Long, Paul Rudd (x2), Jason Schwartzman, Martin Starr, Rance Howard, Chris Parnell, Matt Besser, Jack McBrayer, Frankie Muniz, Ian Roberts, David Krumholtz, Jane Lynch, Simon Helberg, Jackson Browne, Jewel, Lyle Lovett, Ghostface Killah, Eddie Vedder

This totally wacky send-up of mid ’00s musical biopics really hit the spot for me in ’07. It borders on Airplane! style lunacy at times, hurling jokes as fast as it can, and many manage to stick thanks to the all-in performance the great John C. Reilly gives at all ages of Dewey’s life from 14 onward. He’s supported by an utterly astounding number of comedians willing to throw a few minutes into the film. Sure, it rambles all over the place in search of jokes – while I enjoy the Jack White Elvis and the Black/Rudd/Long/Schwartzman Beatles, they do feel a bit like overkill. I particularly love Tim Meadows bits as Dewey’s drummer, continually trying to dissuade him from whatever vice currently being enjoyed. But I think the thief of the film is X-Files great Raymond J. Barry as Dewey’s father, constantly bemoaning “Wrong kid died!” It’s silly madness, replete with equally goofy original songs, and was still almost completely ignored in its day at the box office. Totally deserving of an audience!

The Golden Globes, for their part, tried to get folks to pay attention, giving Reilly a Best Actor – Comedy or Musical nomination, as well as nominating the title song – moves that were not duplicated by the Academy. Boo! If nothing else, someone could’ve gotten around to handing over Best Child Machete Fight, as I’m pretty confident this is the only one that exists in the history of film. Also, clearly, Best Entredre-Laden Johnny Cash Parody, for the Reilly/Fischer number “Let’s Duet.” “I’m going to beat off all my demons/That’s what loving Jesus is all about.”

Oh my

Two more for the Two-Timers club! #388 Wolf of Wall Street‘s Jonah Hill and #377 I Love You, Man‘s Paul Rudd, both appearing uncredited in this movie! Spotlight!

Coming tomorrow! The stars at night are big and bright (clap clap clap clap) –

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