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The Set of 400: #271 – My Favorite Department Store Roller Skating

Today! Because we ain’t burglars, we’re hungry –


Modern Times (1936)

Directed by Charlie Chaplin

Starring Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Tiny Sandford, Al Ernest Garcia, Sammy Stein, Chester Conklin

Not completely unlike my affinity for bad movies, low budget movies, homemade remakes of blockbusters, and 1930s boilerplate romances, I can always appreciate a silent movie, within reason. Silent dramas can be tough – the acting is so out of date, and the by-and-large cheap sets don’t exact hold the attention – but shorts, sci-fi, and feature comedies are totally in my wheelhouse. Yet, as much as I enjoy a Buster Keaton or a Harold Lloyd or a Fatty Arbuckle or a Mabel Normand, there are only two silents cracking my top 400, and only one made during the silent era. This is not that film.

Don’t sleep on the great comedic duo of Fatty & Mabel, though

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