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The Set of 400: #264 – My Favorite Varsity Drag

Today! Because last time I was kissed in a garden it turned out rather awful –

The Ruling Class (1972)

Directed by Peter Medak

Starring Peter O’Toole, Arthur Lowe, William Mervyn, Coral Browne, Alastair Sim, Harry Andrews (x2), Michael Bryant, Carolyn Seymour, James Villiers, Graham Crowden, Nigel Green

A movie that stampeded into my life at a very opportune time, The Ruling Class was adapted by Peter Barnes from his play, but loses virtually none of the dialogue or general staginess, so I’d warn – if the live theater isn’t your cup of tea, this movie might not connect. They certainly try – the towering madness of Jack Gurney, the 14th Earl of Gurney, is mostly conveyed through Peter O’Toole acting his ass off, but there are some surprising hallucinations and visual digressions from reality that try to place us in his paranoid schizophrenic mind.

It might be a touch over the top in parts

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