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Local Café Has the Worst Twitter Account Ever

Let’s face it, company Twitter accounts, by and large, are horrible. It’s some faceless entity with a peon employed to spread the word AND be entertaining/sociable/friendly. Anything to get people to fondly think of and remember their business. Most of these are mildly irritating and inoffensive. But recently, I discovered the one that wins the grand prize for inanity and awfulness. Cloying, pointless, and desperate, the Hanging Gardens Café hits the trifecta of aggressively marketed bullshit.

Sometimes they do post useful information, even if they immediately follow it up with self-serving questions:


At least that’s relevant, but then in a weird effort to spread the word about their business, they latch on to what they feel are popular trending topics:


They awkwardly tweet at celebrities: Continue reading


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