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The Oscar Winners of Tomorrow!

This will be a slightly different post than my seven loyal readers are used to here at K.U.  Nary a mention of misspelled tornadoes or unborn babies will crack the entirely serious list I’m going to lay on you here.  Just thought I’d preface what follows with this disclamer.

oscars1As some of you may know, I’m kind of into the Oscars.  I like movies, and the other movie awards out there are kind of crap, let’s face it.  The Golden Globes?  Garbage!  People’s Choice?  Worthless!  MTV Movie Awards?  Horrible!  So while the Academy Awards are largely self-congratulatory nonsense, they are the best thing going, that gets aired on television anyway.   I like hearing what the critics choose in their various groups in December, but until they start airing them on TV with pointless dance routines accompanying, they will not get the same attention from this guy.

So a few years ago, after pouring over some lists and plumbing the depths of my memory, I came up with a list of actors and actresses who had never won but I figured would win an Oscar in the next eight years.  I thought this would make for an interesting study of the awards and how well they can be predicted, as I think I know a little bit about them.  Well, over the course of the last two awards shows now, three of those folks have won, two just the other night.  Kate Winslet, who I had at #1 on the original list, finally got hers, as did Heath Ledger (the list made well before he died), who was somewhat further down.  The third, and the one I was most proud of at the time, was last year’s Best Supporting Actor, Javier Bardem, who your average person had never heard of before No Country For Old Men.  He wasn’t high on my list, but he was there, and I felt good about myself. Continue reading


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