The Set of 400: #390 – My Favorite Clooney Hallucination

Today! Because half of North America just lost their Facebook –

Gravity (2013)

Directed by Alfonso Cuaron

Starring Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

Not so much a movie as a 91 minute amusement park ride, Gravity is a non-stop thrilling time at the movies. I’ve never tried to watch it on television, as I just can’t imagine it holding up on a small screen, but man, in theaters, this thing was outstanding. It’s just hurtling objects, spinning bodies, flying debris, and brief fever dreams packed into a simple, straightforward space survival story. The shame of Sandy Bullock winning that Oscar ten-ish years ago for The Blind Side is that she way scaled back on moviemaking (this is endemic of people who win Oscars after hectic careers, unfortunately) – only appearing in five live action movies in the last decade – but her handful of films have all at least been interesting, if not great, such as this seven-pack of Oscars winner right here. Hey, if you can get to a place in your career where you can only choose to do stuff that interests you and sit out the rest of the time, go for it!

Even if you’re making them for Netflix!

Cuaron’s Oscar win kicked off the great run of Mexican directors taking home the hardware in 2013 – Alejandro Inarritu would win the next two years in a row for (2029 list revision occupant) Birdman and (somewhat ridiculous torture porn flick) The Revenant, while Guillermo del Toro took home the top honor for 2017’s Sexy Creature From the Black Lagoon, er, The Shape of Water. 

The pile of Oscars Gravity received did not address a number of areas, however. Awards gap remedied here today with Best Unrealistic Space Underwear, as submitted by avid Knowingly Undersold reader Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Best Sneaky Advertisement for Live Action Short Films, as the Jonas (Alfonso’s brother) Cuaron movie Aningaaq features the other half of the conversation Sandra Bullock’s Dr. Stone has over the Russian space station’s shortwave radio. Synergy!

Coming tomorrow! I want my molecules back!


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  1. shortgirlnation

    That poster is great!!!

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